The Foxalow

This project is my personal project that started Foxalow from the beginning. I purchased this home in 2017 and it was in such bad shape, everyone told me not to buy it. The whole house was gutted and remodeled. I pitched the roof and added skylights to the living room with wood paneled walls, new furnishings and new windows. I also gutted the bathroom and added a marble shower with new vanity and fixtures.

This was in such bad shape but we really made it feel big for its size. Each bedroom we added French Doors, wall detailing, furnishings, lighting, paint and antique doors to each closet. The kitchen was completely redone with countertops, tiles, wood flooring, open shelving, fixtures and appliances. We took out the laundry room, moved it to the garage where that allowed us to open up the dining room so it felt bigger with a new addition of a double French back door.

The garage was completely re done with new tiles and wood detailing, as well as the biggest transformation of the yard. There was nothing in the yard but cement and weeds. We took out the driveway and added all new landscaping, and outdoor fire place, a redwood deck and new lighting. We also have an outdoor bath and barn doors on the garage. The list goes on and on that these images still need to be updated because I change it all the time. This is the truest example of my work and how I love to  change and old place into a magic haven.